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Boris Akunin Boris Akunin in 2013 Born Grigol Chkhartishvili (1956-05-20) May 20, 1956 (age 60) Zestaponi, Georgia, USSR Pen name Anatoly Brusnikin, Anna Borisova, Akunin-Chkhartishvili Occupation Writer, journalist, translator Nationality Russian Alma mater Institute of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State University Period 1980s–present Genre detective and historical fiction Notable works Erast Fandorin series Website www.akunin.ru Boris Akunin (Russian: Борис Акунин) is the pen name of Grigol Chkhartishvili (Russian: Григорий Шалвович Чхартишвили; Georgian: გრიგოლ ჩხარტიშვილი) (born May 20, 1956), a Russian writer of Georgian and Jewish origin. He is best known as writer of detective and historical fiction. He is also an essayist and literary translator. Grigory Chkhartishvili has also written under pen names Anatoly Brusnikin, Anna Borisova and Akunin-Chkhartishvili. Contents 1 Life and career 2 Awards and honours 3 Adaptations 4 List of works 4.1 Plans 4.2 Anatoly Brusnikin 4.3 Anna Borisova 5 References 6 External links Life and career[edit] Chkhartishvili was born in Zestaponi[1] to a Georgian father and a Jewish mother and since 1958 has lived in Moscow.[1] Influenced by Japanese Kabuki theatre, he joined the historical-philological branch of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of Moscow State University as an expert on Japan. He worked as assistant to the editor-in-chief of the magazine Foreign Literature,[1] but left in October 2000 to pursue a career as a fiction writer.[1] Under his given name of Grigory Chkhartishvili, he serves as editor-in-chief of the 20-volume Anthology of Japanese Literature,[1] chairman of the board of a large "Pushkin Library " (Soros Fund),[1] and is the author of the book The Writer and Suicide (Moscow, The New Literary Review, 1999). He has also contributed literary criticism and translations from Japanese, American and English literature under his own name.[1] He is left handed, and has been known to smoke a pipe. Under the pseudonym Boris Akunin, he has written many works of fiction, mainly novels and stories in the series The Adventures of Erast Fandorin, The Adventures of Sister Pelagia, The Adventures of the Master (following Nicholas Fandorin, Erast's grandson), all published in Russia by Zakharov Books, and the Roman-Kino ("Novel-Film") series set during World War I. Akunin's specialty is historical mysteries set in Imperial Russia. It was only after the first books of the Fandorin series were published to critical acclaim that the identity of B. Akunin (i.e., Chkhartishvili) was revealed. Chkhartishvili "prefers to work with historical material" and has been called the "undisputed champion" of Russian crime fiction given that as Boris Akunin he "has written more than a dozen crime novels and has been widely appreciated by discerning readers . . . and has been translated into many languages."[2] "Akunin" (悪人) is a Japanese word that translates loosely to "villain". In his novel The Diamond Chariot, the author redefines an "akunin" as one who creates his own rules.[1] Akunin has been critical of Vladimir Putin's domestic and foreign policies, including the annexation of Crimea in 2014.[3] In 2012, Putin attributed Akunin's critical attitudes to his Georgian background.[4][5] Awards and honours[edit] In the year of 2000, Akunin was nominated for the Smirnoff-Booker Prize. In September 2000, Akunin was named Russian Writer of the Year and won the "Antibooker" prize in 2000 for his Erast Fandorin novel Coronation, or the last of the Romanovs. In 2003, the British Crime Writers' Association placed Akunin's novel The Winter Queen on the short list for the Dagger Award in Fiction. In 2004, he was a member of the jury at the 26th Moscow International Film Festival.[6] Adaptations[edit] Four Fandorin novels, The Winter Queen, The Turkish Gambit, The State Counsellor, and The Decorator, were made into big-budget Russian movies. An English remake of The Winter Queen was in production. It was set to start filming in 2007, but the leading actress, Milla Jovovich, became pregnant, and the production process was delayed to unknown date. Additionally, Pelagia and the White Bulldog was made into a TV mini-series in 2009, while The Spy Novel came out in a 2011 theatrical release as The Spy. List of works[edit] Erast Fandorin series (publication dates in parentheses). Each historical mystery novel is assigned its own subgenre of detective fiction (conspiracy, political, etc.): The Winter Queen, original title Azazel / Азазель (1998). A conspiracy mystery. 1876. The 20-year-old Fandorin begins his career by accidentally stumbling over a plot for world domination.[7] The Turkish Gambit / Турецкий гамбит (1998).[8] A spy mystery. 1877. Fandorin takes part in the Russo-Turkish War and the Siege of Plevna as he is trying to uncover a Turkish spy. Murder on the Leviathan, original title Leviathan / Левиафан (1998).[9] A closed set-up mystery. 1878. Fandorin investigates a murder while traveling on a steamship headed from England to India. This is the third novel in the series, but the second released in English. The Death of Achilles / Смерть Ахиллеса (1998).[10] A hired assassin mystery. 1882. Upon returning from diplomatic service in Japan, Fandorin tackles the mysterious death of Mikhail Skobelev (called Sobolev in the novel) in a Moscow hotel. The Jack of Spades / Пиковый валет (1999).[11] A novella about confidence men. 1886. Fandorin hunts down a clever gang of swindlers. The Decorator / Декоратор (1999).[12] A novella about a maniac. 1889. After ending his string of murders in England, Jack the Ripper surfaces in Moscow. The State Counsellor / Статский советник (1999). A political mystery. 1891. Revolutionary terrorism in late 19th-century Russia takes center stage, as Fandorin is pursuing a group of daring radicals. The Coronation / original title Coronation, or the Last of the Romanovs (Коронация, или Последний из Романов) (2000). A high society mystery. 1896. The plot surrounds the ascension of Tsar Nicholas II, whose family is being blackmailed by an international supervillain. She Lover of Death / Любовница смерти (2001). A decadent mystery. 1900. A decadent suicide society causes a stir in Moscow. He Lover of Death / Любовник Смерти (2001). A Dickensian mystery. Simultaneously with the decadent society investigation, Fandorin is looking into a series of murders in the slums of Khitrovka, Moscow. The Diamond Chariot / Алмазная колесница (2003). An ethnographic mystery. Events of the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 set against a flashback to Fandorin's diplomatic service in Yokohama in 1878. The Jade Rosary / Нефритовые четки (2006). Seven short stories and three novellas set between 1881 and 1900. Some of the "holes" in the narrative are filled, including Fandorin's service in Japan, his investigations in the 1880s while a Deputy for Special Assignments in the Moscow city administration and his adventures in America. All the World's a Stage / Весь мир театр (2009). A theatrical mystery. 1911. The 55-year-old Fandorin has his life turned upside-down when investigating strange incidents in a fashionable Moscow theater. The Black City / Черный город (2012). 1914. While pursuing a daring Bolshevik terrorist, Fandorin goes to the Azerbaijani capital Baku, where his wife is shooting a motion picture. Planet Water / Планета Вода (2015). Three novellas set between 1903 and 1912: “Technocratic Adventure” (1903, a treasure hunt in the Atlantic), “Nostalgic Adventure” (1907, the cruel murder of an abbess from a distant monastery), and “Idiotic Adventure” (1912, a bloody murder on a train in Poland). Note: (The Jack of Spades and The Decorator were published together in a single volume, Special Assignments: The Further Adventures of Erast Fandorin / Особые поручения.) Sister Pelagia series (about a crime-solving nun in turn-of-the-20th-century provincial Russia): Pelagia and the White Bulldog / Пелагия и белый бульдог [1] (2000). A bishop of a large Volga province sends an astute nun Pelagia to look into mysterious deaths of his aunt's prize-winning dogs. Pelagia and the Black Monk / Пелагия и черный монах (2001). Mysterious events in a remote monastery force bishop Mitrofani to start an inquiry, which on...


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